Scania S730T Nextgen Fix by soap98 v1.46

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– previous bugs fixed
– logos now show correct engine size
– all models updated to 1.46
– added longline interior
– tuning added to longline
– truck retemplated
– added more tuning
– added engine badges
– skinning system changed to same as SCS scania
– added 3 new skins

Fixed GPS
Updated model
Support for 1.46

soap98, azorax, gammodding


4 thoughts on “Scania S730T Nextgen Fix by soap98 v1.46

  1. Richard Bakker

    It is not the same

  2. thomas zussner

    ich habe die mod. heruntergeladen dann wollte die mod. im spiel im mod. menetscher aktivieren es zeigt kein Bild an nur Text an die mod. ist ein scheis

  3. Adam Flaherty

    There is a bug with the headlights there to extremely bright and cover most of the front of the truck. But if you look side on view from the front wheels, you can see the headlights coming from the back of the wheels. Please fix it, I love the look and feel of this truck ETS 1.46.

  4. what mods are you using for that trailer?

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