Scania Silver Transporte Skin


Silver Transporte Skin for Scania Truck

Authors: SCS Software, Dark Silver, Silver Surfer, GPunkt™


5 thoughts on “Scania Silver Transporte Skin

  1. Tip for next time; Remove the accessories (ugly or not) so people can actually see the skin on the picture.

  2. I agree with Bart, please publish a screenshot without accessories.
    The skin is almost unrecognizable because of that shitoad of accessories.
    No offense mate, but it’s a bit overkill.

  3. One Blood

    Hi, please where I can find that guard for window ? (Dont know how say it in english 🙂 )

  4. matty jones

    is that a new mod comin out? the 2 straight upright stacks at the back? 😀

  5. Pls link tuning scania pls pls pls

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