Scania Stock V8 Sound v 2.0


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Hi all,

Here’s my new Scania V8 STOCK sound.
In the interior, all is new and there’s almost no vanilla sound file in it, all is coming from a real Scania V8 video.

The exterior is a mix between the scs V8 base and some other real sound files.

It works for the two Scania of the vanilla game, and those by RJL (R and T).

Author: Kriechbaum


19 thoughts on “Scania Stock V8 Sound v 2.0

  1. Dude please tell me how you got the steering wheel raised up where it is? I’m begging you to release that mod. The Volvo, Scania, and Mercedes MP4 have the worst steering wheels as they’re too low. I adjust my seat a couple clicks up and every time the steering wheel blocks the gauges. Even the Volvo in it’s default seating position is blocking some of the dash lights.

  2. don`t work with rjl 1.4 ………..

  3. @jay ward try the bennekenben advance camera mod v2.0 and you became your seat much lower than original.

  4. JaroslavVanSturen

    Woow, really nice work Kriechbaum !!

    It is your best sound EVER, and best sound for Scania….

    Thanks 🙂

  5. +10 !!!

    1. kriechbaum

      Thanks friend 😉

  6. nice job !!!!

  7. Man all you rich drivers get all the bestest toys to tool around in. Bet ya don’t even care if ya get at destination on time or not . I suppose you even have a butler get your gas for ya too, cause I never see ya get out of yar super bright red toy in your three piece suit and white gloves Huh. Since ATS came out my ETS2 files have surely slowed down, but sir I agree You are the master sound tech for trucks world wide. A little noise please clap,clap,clap,clap,clap,clap,clap.Now to update my files to accommodate this here red truck sound. Thanks sir and now off we go. My high priced secretary typed this and I agree.

  8. очень классный звук!!!!!!!!!!!!
    твои звуки лучшие!!!!!!!!!!

  9. wow another amazing sound Kapitan Kriechbaum that trailer private?

  10. J.F.Later

    and the nexst for Volvo?

    1. kriechbaum

      Thanks all. Yes trailer is private.

      And yes, next is Volvo STOCK sound. in few days/weeks…

      1. J.F.Later

        thank you.

  11. TruckerMelli

    great mod, thank you! can you make this sound with crackle for the hardliner???

  12. Great Job Kriechbaum 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. kriechbaum

      Merci Fred !

  13. Is there or will there be any future Volvo FH Open Sound ?

  14. Hello, kriechbaum,
    I use your Mods since 2014 ans they are top.

    I find out one thing.
    The Fix for the V8 8oohp is not working for me (1.23.1 + Lux 0.95).
    But whith this mod the 800hp is working.
    Thank you with 100points…

  15. bro please update v1.24.x.x! 🙂

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