Scania Streamline Engel Tandem Pack


Engel Skin for Scania Streamline Truck and Tandem Trailer

Tandem: FlemmingV, Skin/re-skin: Priester


4 thoughts on “Scania Streamline Engel Tandem Pack

  1. is this V1 or V2 ?

    1. V2 is cancelled and merged into this “Dutch Boys” combo pack: , with above downloadable Engel Foreign Food Scania (but the V2 edition), De Kuikenaer MAN, De Waard DAF and Beemster Volvo skins for both the truck aswel the tandem. Also tweaked the cargo a bit to make it more realistic with the companies. Cargo will appear for all combos.

      1. hi
        I liked to speak you Priester
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        thank you
        João Pedro

  2. still v1

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