Scania Streamline R560


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Scania Streamline R560 truck.
Compatible with 1.24.x and olders.
Good quality!
It has some bugs, but you can fix it, when you want.

Authors: Hypia02, balika88


10 Responses to Scania Streamline R560

  1. Diablo says:

    Test 1.24 Video on my Youtube Channelł PL

    • Diablo says:

      It’s my second Account and klick all on my Channel i ned more youtube Money, Please my wife need more tits 😀

  2. Mr.GermanTruck says:

    “It has some bugs, but you can fix it, when you want” ??
    Fix the Bugs and then upload !!!!
    Not download

    • dragone09998 says:

      You indicate in your mother’s house how to cook sour soup…

    • balika88 says:

      I can’t fix the bugs, because i’m not a modder as 50keda or Madster and because of this i wrote in the description that you can edit the mod.

      • Mikael79 says:

        This mod have bugs because You not a modder?ok fine not problem you can ask professional modders(shoofer or other) on Facebook to teach you,or go to YouTube and see some tutorials.

  3. Anonimous says:

    Downoload link od graphics mod?

  4. Anonimous says:

    Downoload link of graohics mod on this picture?

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