Scania T Longline Mod + Tuning (v 1.19 – 1.20)

Scania T Longline Mod (1) Scania T Longline Mod (2)

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Offer you reworked Scania T Mod Longline
Namely returned some tuning elements carved by the authors

Returned chrome skirt cut in v1.6
Returned removable tuning to the salon
Returned to the interior Hotz(On the screenshot)
Included one old skin
Also spelled out in traffic
Adapted to the latest version.

Tested on 1.19, 1.20

Authors: TMike, RJL, 50Keda, SCS, Kriechbaum, Pauke2004, Henki73, P4r4n01d

DOWNLOAD 79 MB [Uploadfiles]
DOWNLOAD 78 MB [Sharemods]

25 Responses to Scania T Longline Mod + Tuning (v 1.19 – 1.20)

  1. EneaMaconi says:

    Video pls?

  2. Windu says:

    Fake mod!!!!

    • sdgh3246 says:

      Mr.GermanTruck –
      Video of your record from It is published: July 31, 2015.

      Kill yourself the fool about a wall !

  3. walet says:

    This modem can not get to the finish because of gry.Mod cool crashes but to improve

  4. EneaMaconi says:

    4 series Interiors please!!!

  5. pl_tv_software says:

    New Video review HD:

    Tested on 1.20s

  6. Windu says:

    My manager mode does not show why this method?

    • nportegies skins says:

      Windu says:
      August 27, 2015 at 18:16
      Fake mod!!!!

  7. Zolee says:

    This engine sound is horrible. Please change to original. Original is better.

  8. Chris says:

    I like this mod, but it crashes my game every 5 minutes. I’m on version 1.19, and I also have this mod on higher priority than the Scania T

  9. Helmax says:

    I get some errors, and I don’t see it in the “about” section, where I can check the trucks accessories. I use (64-bit)

  10. nportegies skins says:

    What a crying all, if the people who complain so it can make better do it. But do not put down anybody down. I use this mod now, the old mod GT-mike before he went along with RJL. This mod works better than RJL version.

  11. korea trucks says:

    what is background mod? please give me background mod this e mail

  12. korea trucks says:


  13. sanwlaram says:

    Watch Here
    Ets2 Scania T Going On A Difficult OFFROAD MAP With Heay Wheel

  14. skejcikk says:

    What is the with a template?

  15. SharkGaming HD says:

    Youtube Video:

  16. ScaniaTmad25 says:

    Wud This Work On The 1.14 Verion

  17. Milka78 says:

    Why is the most powerful 620 hp engine?
    The mod includes 730-horsepower engine (the engine within the mod folder), but does not appear does not work.

    ‘m sorry my English is poor…

  18. ets says:

    interior,interior,interior absurd,absurd …aggregation mod
    real mod (scaniamegastor 1.5)
    If so let everyone choose their own how you want
    This mode interiors
    scaniamegastor 1.3 end 1.5
    Can not be changed ridiculous
    I want my request to you not
    and interior color
    In this mode, the interior is not used to pressure
    I wanted to, I can not use my skin doing
    The sheet restriction..interior,red, white, black, beige and
    How I want to be? absurd… aggregation mod

  19. Tony Sncxx says:

    Hello, please fix bugs traffic, and add on all frames lowered suspension as Scania megastore v 1.5 and higher. And skin colorable griffon + topline with chrome decals and paintable. Thanks good job.

  20. lucas says:

    Run in 1.10.xx ver??

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