Scania T skin and Trailers Grocontinental


Tested version 1.7.1s
Scania T skin Grocontinental and trailer Lamberet



6 thoughts on “Scania T skin and Trailers Grocontinental

  1. do they have a tcab in real life? NO!

  2. I do not know what is a request from a member he wanted to Scania T

  3. Yes someone asked Fred to make a Skin+Trailer for an UK company specialy for the T500 .. happend a few days ago ..

  4. oh ok, fred can I request a skin on here right now quickly plz!?

  5. Hello, you can make your request by sending an email
    fredbe.tb @
    thank you

  6. ok iam the guy who asked fred to do me this skin and no they dont use scania T500 it is me that likes the T500 and i asked fred to do me a skin and he did then i said he could put it up on ets2 so anyone can use it and fred dose make fantastic skins.

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