Scania T Yingyang Skin

Scania-T-Yingyang-Skin-1 Scania-T-Yingyang-Skin-2

Yingyang Skin for Scania T Truck

Author: Marc Hamilton


2 thoughts on “Scania T Yingyang Skin

  1. dauglasldm

    you mean 阴阳?that chinese concept?sorry but i have to tell you that should be “yinyang”,and meantime the Chinese character is in a wrong direction

  2. Elvis Aaron Keislair from the netherlands

    Hi Marc ,

    I like very much that yingyang skin and I would like to download it , but that is unfortunately that can not because the document does not exist anymore and / or removed , and I want that yingyang skin very much and I still need a Scania Torpedo or RJL of which mod wedsite can I still download and I mean only the truck with the standard normal skin.

    With best regards.

    Elvis Aaron Keislair from the Netherlands.

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