Scania V8 exhaust sound


Nice interior sound and nice louder exterior sound,you can hear the
exhaust inside and outside,for me its the best,not because i did
it,it’s because i really like it,it’s much closer like others to real
scania sounds



19 thoughts on “Scania V8 exhaust sound

  1. I like it ! Sounds really good ! Well done

  2. laurentiu824


  3. Buna treaba Laur. E printre cele mai bune moduri de sunet .. S ar putea totusi sa reduci inaltele de la turbo ? Suna putin cam ascutit,iar trebui ceva sunete de mai joasa frecventa si o eventuala suflanta intre treptele 3-7. Multe succese si sper sa mai perfectionezi modul 🙂

    1. laurentiu824 facut modificarile,mai avem de asteptat pana modul va fi acceptat de admin

  4. laurentiu824

    salut,mersi mult,da voi incerca sa-l mai perfectionez

  5. Great sound, good job.

  6. does for the 50K?

  7. laurentiu824

    it works for any type of scania

  8. sound pretty nice!

  9. Its not working i am using 1.7.1 can someone help.

  10. Maybe you already have a sound mod active and it conflicts with this one. I suggest you disable the other sound mod/mods ,enable this one and do a full game restart. Most likely should solve your problem if nothing major is going down …

  11. This VERY sounds good!
    But it is good only for manual transmision.
    Automatic transmision shifts gears very early.
    I will just ask maybe you can do it: can you set it up for automatic transmision too?
    If not, thank you any way.

    1. laurentiu824

      i made a few changes and i upload it a new sound wich will work in automatic transmision too

  12. Yeah good point Srele,was about to specify that as well. Cheers

  13. laurentiu824

    Srele,i will try to do it for automatic too,i did not try that because i use manual transmion, and for stefan,is working on all patch,all scania,its not working for you because maybe you have an another sound mod

  14. It is very nice. Brilliant !!!!
    Good job.

  15. Best scania exhaust sound I have tried, sounds very good when pulling a heavy trailer, well done.

  16. Super ! Ai fost rapid,abia astept sa l incerc .. din pacate abia maine dimineata fac astia refreshu’ .. Sau poate avem noroc in seara asta pe mai tarziu .. pana atunci ma uit la Suleyman :)))))

    1. laurentiu824

      da am fost.uite aici videoclipul sper sa fie ce ai cerut 🙂 astept parerea ta

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