Scania V8 Sound V1 By Whooper



-Audacity 2.0.3
-Switch Audio File Converter


Tested on 1.4.1, may not work properly on older versions of game


20 thoughts on “Scania V8 Sound V1 By Whooper

  1. Scania V8 the only one

    Link is down

  2. File Belongs to Non-Validated Account.

  3. Authors,here is a new link because yours not working

  4. nice sound but the link doesn’t work

  5. Thanks Nikola, but old link is fixed now, so people download from ORIGINAL link, thanks ! 🙂


  7. GettinAesthetic

    Very good, maybe change the horn sound too?
    and the blinkers a bit louder
    but very good!

  8. sounds good – but the level peak extreme high and fuzzy

    Normalize the high peak level and the sound getting better

  9. Бред какой та.Ты че,на танке едешь или на ракете стартуешь?

  10. jordyhendrikx

    nice sound!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Djim Kolli

    awesome sound:

  12. Very good sound.
    If it is not distorded in .ogg files I will use it.
    Mine is good, but I got bored with it and looking for new one 🙂

  13. Where can I find these wheels?

  14. Stampertje

    doesn’t work no different with the original

  15. DOesn’t work for me either.
    Extracted the file into Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2\mod
    Started the game, no difference with my scania sound.

  16. Awesome sound mate! only problem would be alter the jake, but dam! Thats impressive

  17. For all the kids who say it doesn’t work. For some reason ever since I switched to 1.4.X I need to fully exit the game and choose a different sound mod. If you just go to profiles, then select the new one, it wont change from what you had before.

  18. Nice Sound, good work. Do you think you can make a volvo straight pipe? thx

  19. video does not exist anymore. ###.

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