Scania v8 ver3.1 fixed


fixed air horn problem .
no scs lock for unpack and edit zip file .



32 thoughts on “Scania v8 ver3.1 fixed

  1. when a version Kelsa all truck ….?

  2. thanks very nice!!

  3. Nice, do you think you could make it work for the 50K 2008 V2?

  4. can’t download please re link?

  5. Thankyou hamed30 you’re a legend!

  6. new link please!

  7. Hangi V8 dosyasının düzeltme yaması bu?

  8. New link please?

  9. New link for those without a 4shared account. Here is a Mediafire link for you. Enjoy.

    1. this is older one

  10. I am running this mod WITHOUT any other scania mods and i am getting lots of errors in the console still example:

    [dx9] Texture (texture_mask) not found in material (/vehicle/truck/upgrade/sideskirts/scania_rcab_2009/materials/lightmat.mat) – requested by (/effect/eut2/lamp/pass_add.env_forward_fallback.sm3x.fso)

    can you please fix this for the next release. other than that great mod

    1. because i didnt assign texture mask for led light and i think there is no really problem with it . no crashing or …

      1. fair enough, it just makes it a bit difficult to see what other issues are occurring in the game as the console gets filled with these errors, but like i say Great job cant wait to see more of your work

  11. does the kelsa bars come with this mod?

    1. yes but just for the scania

  12. Hey hamed30,
    Nice the airhorns work agian.

    But some leds for the bumpers and the tail lights aren’t showing up from kyto’s mod.
    If I hit on the button for the rear lights the game crashes.

    What file with wich text do I need to add in your mod files to let it work with eachother?
    Wich mod software do I need to execute this?
    And for the future how the edit the lightbox text?

    If somebody else knows the awnsers on my questions tell me please.

    1. maybe the def file in my mod and kyto’s mod not match together look for it in def/vehicle/addon_hookup/light.sii or smalllight.sii .
      use notepad++ .
      to edit text use blender and replace text and give same material and texture to it and sorry for my ENG .

  13. Hello HAMED30 ,

    thanks you very much for this great mod , but I have 1 request for you : is it possible to make the kelsa bars in chrome ?

    with regards willy1962

    1. promiseboy-lover


    2. it is chrome now .you cant see in the light but you can in shadow .

  14. LED lights works not when i buy this crash

    1. i dont understand your mean . maybe you have another mod include smalllight.sii .

  15. Really awesome mod. I’m using it all the time, it is one of my favorites. But i have one request, is it possible to fix it somehow and allow other interior mods to be installed with it? Because when i use another interior mod the default one does not change.

    Thanks and keep up the good work! 😉

    1. you can unpack the mod and delete interior folder :


  16. i dont understand your mean . maybe you have another mod include smalllight.sii .

    1. Hamed30 do you have any contact chanel example FaceBook??

    2. hamed30, where i can take contact to you????

  17. Waiting for DAF version ;p

  18. The mod is awesome but i have one request.
    Can U make only Kelsa addons? (bars and lamps).
    The mod has skin build-into the model.
    I would like to use my own skin and Your addons.
    Can You make a mod without the TopLine sign and griffins on sides?

  19. Hamed can you make the mod compatible with 50keda and mark t (scania torpedo).
    There addons this appear and game crashes.
    I have tryed but it won’t work, I’m not a modder, but I try to fix things before I ask the creator.

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