Scania Verbeek

Scania-Verbeek-1 Scania-Verbeek-2

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– adapted for Patch 1.24
– AO Texture
– New Lightmask
– Interior
– Standalone Model
– Works 1.23&1.24
– Interior Light
– V8 Sound

Authors: Vikings 3D Productions, Ahaneim, Mr.Poland, Chudy, Sikorski


12 thoughts on “Scania Verbeek

  1. Test Video 1.24

  2. Who can add this truck because its the wrong file ….?

    [ETS2 v1.20 – v1.22] DAF 106.510 Weeda + Interior – YouTube

  3. Will it work for RJL’s scania ??

  4. topdrivermihai

    Good Job y like this truck .Test 1080p 60 fps gtx 1070 .



  6. Not original wheels ): F….

  7. And the orange ?? Wrong, it should be red.

  8. sound is gone here! tryed everything.

  9. Mod isn’t like the REAL Scania S.Verbeek R500!!! (It is my favourite 🙂 )

  10. Why does it lag for no reason when i put on lights?

  11. can someone make this skin for RJL Scania? would be awesome

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