Schmitz S.KO Paper Rolls

Schmitz S.KO Paper Rolls

ETS2 1.18.xx + DLC Scandinavia
Schmitz S.KO Planenauflieger mit Papierrollen

Standalone Trailer
– Cargo : Papier
– Weight: 19tons

base by unknow
rebuilt by Roadhunter
Skin by Königszapfen
convert from ATS to ETS2 Zilpzalp
überarbeitet by Roadhunter
Kennzeichenbeleuchtung by Zilpzap

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Don´t upload this file on other hoster.

Authors: Königszapfen, ZilpZalp, Roadhunter


3 Responses to Schmitz S.KO Paper Rolls

  1. stummer says:

    Why is this cargo added to EVERY company?
    Rolls of Paper from a quarry? Seriously?

  2. Roadhunter says:

    False delivered and must be picked up

    • Faelandaea says:

      It’s okay, Roadhunter. I accept the pay for correcting that other driver’s mess-up in reading his GPS XD

      I have always absolutely loved all of your trailer mods. Keep up the awesome work!

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