Schwarmueller SPA 3E v2.0.1

– advanced coupling
– lightmask
– 20 looks (all in traffic)
– pallett box
– company paint job system
– animation brace
– animation cables

fixed version 2.0.1

Please do not change the download link

Please do not change the download link
Tested on 1.31.x game version

MDModding regwins

DOWNLOAD 39.3 MB part I
DOWNLOAD 39.3 MB part II

9 thoughts on “Schwarmueller SPA 3E v2.0.1

  1. Deuxieme Lien va vers une Semi “Parti de rien France Thierry Borne Trailer”, Lien: h t t p s://

    Je pense, que ca va trop bien comme ca? 🙂

    1. Eu Driver

      First- speak english, not klingon.
      Second-this is only ###### skin, and spam, not trailer.

      1. EU-Driver ???
        Oh sorry, I did not know, that you was not at School to learn French. Or you not able to use our Friend Google… LOL

        @Ingetz- I´m talking with Mat, he does not know, what´s happend.
        But more and more Thiefs are using Names from real Modders.

        1. @JoachimK – Okay thx for the clarification, yeah it’s sad that it has come to that. These people make modders quit working on their projects and disappear. 🙁

        2. english only is rule bro

  2. ### is the second link?? And what in the hell is MDModding regwins????

  3. А где ссылка то на мод?

  4. we all know where to find the original work from the original modders 😉

  5. fullxpert


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