Schwarzmüller Coolliner Trailer v 1.1


Schwarzmuller coolliner trailer.
Compatible with 1.25.x and olders.

-New wheels
-New license plate

-Include templates

Blazej, Luksik, Pox, balika88


10 Responses to Schwarzmüller Coolliner Trailer v 1.1

  1. zizu says:

    Yesterday downloaded the first version,installed.The cargo was never found,there is this trailer.So often in loads met

    • balika88 says:

      It replaces the coolliner trailers, so you must take a job with coolliner trailer and then activated the trailer. 🙂
      Sry for my bad English!

      • zizu says:


      • zoso says:

        For the template in file.PSD could also enter file.DDS (as an example)
        so it was easier to understand for novice friends.
        It is not a criticism

  2. Lucas95 says:

    make it standalone…

  3. Joe the gamer says:

    Yes, make it standalone and it would be awesome! 🙂

  4. JoachimK says:

    Would be better as Standalone. Thx.

  5. Francesco says:

    standalone please 🙂

  6. jesan says:

    Abasstrepas wheels (alcoa_t)

  7. Simon says:

    Hi Cann you Fixed This Trailer For 1.26 That whasre very Nice!

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