SCS NextGen of 1.30 in 1.28 by DaStrobel

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Hey Lads ^^

I decided to make my Scania NextGen scania by SCS public. i ported the hole truck from 1.30 back to 1.28, so u can still use ur mods like Promods whatever, and drive the new Scania.

Will make updates if SCS make a update on the Scania. Will make it until Promods Map is aviable for 1.30.

The actual plan is that I will NOT adding costume tuning parts etc etc… this is ONLY a version to TEST/TRY the New series of Scanias by SCS, without patching. It may have bugs but it is PLAYABLE. Original Paintjobs are disabled cause 1.28 doesn’t support the new paint job system of 1.30.


v1.0 … trobel.scs
– General release
v1.1 … trobel.scs
– Crash in UK Cabin fixed
v1.2 … trobel.scs
– Crash if u use SoundfixesMod fixed; Removed some unused files, 50k addon DLC added;


50K addon compatible with my Scania: …


😀 !!! HAPPY TRUCKING !!! 😀

DaStrobel aka Sebastian Strobel; 50k for 50k addons; SCS SOFTWARE


12 thoughts on “SCS NextGen of 1.30 in 1.28 by DaStrobel

  1. double repetition and fake! Devils are #####…
    Please report it is sharemods!!!

    1. DaStrobel

      this is the original one with the original links…

      someone uploaded my mod on a external hosted yesterday and uploaded it here…

      I have reported it and uploaded the original one..


      just click on the links at this scs forums topic… u will see it’s now the same link as here.

      best regards!

  2. no engine sound when truck is in idle mod

  3. Argtrucker

    Great adaptation! Work perfect in 1.28 + Promods and others mod

  4. PJ Drives

    Legeeeeend, just what I needed so I can play with ProMods. Thanks mate hope it works allgood

  5. hello i would like that soundmods would work on this truck but the dont i have tried it please make soundmods compatible with that truck
    sorry for my bad spelling i am actually german and i am mistyping a lot of things when i am typing english =)

  6. Works perfect, thank you so much!!

  7. Beerus Sama

    This is a very good mod! It works well with promods and rusmap and it has no crashes or compatibility issues. Just wonderful, thank you.

  8. Hi, I found your mod hosted on a site which is not mediafire. The name of the person who uploaded it there is icedanny. Is that you? If yes no problem then but if no well, I’ll give you the link.

    1. DaStrobel

      no. that’s not me. I’m hosting every time on mediafire.

      maybe someone reuploaded my mod -.-

  9. ItalianoGT


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