SCS NextGen on 1.28 v 1.3 by Sebastian Strobel

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Hey Lads ^^

I decided to make my Scania NextGen scania by SCS public. i ported the hole truck from 1.30 back to 1.28, so u can still use ur mods like Promods whatever, and drive the new Scania.

Will make updates if SCS make a update on the Scania. Will make it until Promods Map is aviable for 1.30.

The actual plan is that I will NOT adding costume tuning parts etc etc… this is ONLY a version to TEST/TRY the New series of Scanias by SCS, without patching. It may have bugs but it is PLAYABLE. Original Paintjobs are disabled cause 1.28 doesn’t support the new paint job system of 1.30.


v1.0 … trobel.scs
– General release
v1.1 … trobel.scs
– Crash in UK Cabin fixed
v1.2 … trobel.scs
– Crash if u use SoundfixesMod fixed; Removed some unused files, 50k addon DLC added;
v1.3 …
– L6 Idle sound fixed, was a comprewssion-problem; Thanks @Roddy1990 NOTE: u NEED also the SOUND.scs file wich i uploaded, cause the sound is no more compressed, so the Idle work again. U can find the scs a few lines in the “Addon-Section”
– Used as base the trucks from the latest Beta that means:

Scanias 2016: Doorsteps and front mirrors accessories are required part of the truck
Scanias 2016: Fixed position of window flag locator
Scanias 2016: Switched off light beam for parking light
Scanias 2016: Fixed V8 black panel illumination in exterior view
Scanias 2016: Front mirror accessory is not required
Scanias 2016: Added more accessories (in our case the icons)
Scanias 2016: Changed blinker sounds


50K addon compatible with my Scania: …
Scania Sound: … _sound.scs

SCS, Sebastian Strobel (DaStrobel)


22 thoughts on “SCS NextGen on 1.28 v 1.3 by Sebastian Strobel

  1. Or you just update ets2 to the beta version and you can drive this scania without this crappy mod….

    1. But then we dont have any map mods. Think first before commenting!

      1. Than you wait a few weeks so your mapmods will be updated and then update to 1.30 or drive around without mapmods. Most of them #### anyhow…

        1. A lot of Users do not want to go to the Beta or to 1.30, so you have the new Scania in 1.28

          In place to make ###### Comments, think first.
          And why crappy? YOU ever made a Truck with a Lot of work and Time?
          If you did this or other Mods, you can open your Mouth a little big bigger than normal.
          Sorry, but in Gemany we say, what we think !

          1. Do not understand your comment.
            What is offered here is a truck – first.
            as next it is a Scania NextGen – fine.
            But I do not see any reason why it is fitting either into beta versions of the game or fitting into the actual game version
            The uploader tells a lot – of nothing.
            He instead could simply tell if it fits into or not.
            And anything else is just unimportant.
            If there are some ‘errors’ with this mod, then uploader can tell this – that simple it is.
            So – why so many comments, superflous at all……..
            No – I’ve not yet downloaded this truck.

        2. kamazy3sy3s

          The standard Scs map is ####### ####. Promods make the game atleast playable. Not everyone want to patch their game in an instant as soon SCS releases a patch that most likely will destroy the mods; the only things that actully make this otherwise #### game closer to good.

          I salute DaStrobel for porting this back to 1.28 (STABLE).

  2. Please fix download links for ADDONs !!!

    50K addon compatible with my Scania:
    Scania Sound:

  3. ADDONS:

    “50K addon compatible with my Scania:”

    “Scania Sound:”

    do not thanks !

  4. no sound put link in

  5. KilianG40


  6. REVIEW:

  7. Great MOD Thank you dont listen to this crazy ######!! we dont want to drive without promods, so we need your mod till 1.30 update for promod.

    1. DaStrobel

      Thanks!!! Happy trucking!!!

      1. EmsRodriguez

        Hey sebastian, Can i ask you a big favor? can you upload your dds plates for scania new gen for 1.30 final version? PLEASE 😉

  8. Thank you mate as i am using promods map this is fantastic

  9. Zidan Firli M

    No sound ? I repeat the download but no sound

  10. i need the truck sound asap

  11. 7er_Freak

    I am having a problem with my Scania S being.. like.. purple, or pink?Mostly inside. The thing is it was ok untill I installed some trailer mods. Then it turned pink. Other trucks too, but only in few parts. So I tried deleting those mods but the pink interior hasn’t gone! Well, it turned back to normal for a few seconds but when i entered the trucks catalogue, it turned pink once again.. And now what ever I try, nothing changes.. Any ideas??

    Yeah, I have an authorized copy, bought in Steam store

  12. ryan_cooper5

    good work. I play at 1.28 and I really like your mod

  13. Hello, great mod I love it. Is it possible make compatibility with this mod?×2-scania-r-e-s-2016/
    Thanks in advance for the answer.

  14. Andrewtrucker

    Can you mare an Scania Nextgen XT mod please

  15. Andrewtrucker


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