Seat adjustment no limits V1

-Applies to all vehicles.
-You can sit in any position 🙂

Test version: 1.32.x

Do not Reupload Please !!!

Good games 🙂



8 thoughts on “Seat adjustment no limits V1

  1. stephen lane


    1. President10

      I don’t understand much of what you write.

  2. LucyLuuBoo

    Game crashes on 1.31

    1. President10

      It was caused in version 1.32. x.

  3. Daniel Charvát

    Dobrý den mod mi nefunguje. Můžu se zeptat čím se to ovládá?

    1. President10

      You can adjust your seat with F4.

  4. Pieterkson

    How Change The Camera ?

    1. President10

      You can adjust your seat with F4.

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