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trzpro, yellow1441, Berkay Pekesen


16 Responses to Seat Leon

  1. MartinR560 says:

    ### awesome!!! Absolutely love it, my favourite car, I hope it will be updated in future 🙂

  2. KosoviDz says:

    verey nice mod tnks

  3. SiMoN3 ETS2 says:

    Video test here … Nice car, very good 3d model exterior and interior! Detailed lights and plus! The only one thing which it’s not real for me is 2000cv of engine on a Seat, but I’m not an expert of car. Well done!! 😀

  4. Adrian G. says:

    Excellent, thank you for having this uploaded to the site, finally another decent ride, will be testing very very soon.

    Kudos to the team behind this dream car and many more future projects like this one, keep’em coming.

  5. edsor says:

    In version 131 the automatic change does not work. Does it work in version 1.32? In one of the videos I thought it worked

  6. Kyle Branco says:

    Hey there! Excellent mod! Just had a vacation from Portugal and I’ve seen quite a few of them and they look pretty sick. I have one request, maybe if possible, can you make the 2018 Skoda Superb Combi? It’s a stationwagen. It was my rental car, and I loved it. Having it in this game would be even better. Thanks for this mod, and thanks in advance. Bye!

  7. Germany583 says:

    This mod works ! , thanks very nice 😀

  8. Someone... says:

    Can you remove the Turkish no. plate so we can display our own? Other than that, it’s brilliant!

  9. DaNN_YT says:

    Please create cars with 5000/6000 RPM on the Diesel board!

  10. edsor says:

    We’re going to see. I do not know if we talk about the same car, or we are talking about two different mods, I have tried iand this is what is:
    1 º- Hooked badly with the car trailer, and can not carry loads. For the only thing that serves is to turn around with him from one side to the other. It doesn’t make sense in ETS 2
    2 º-The automatic mode does not work, which is absurd an animated gearbox associated with this automatic mode. I have tried a Skoda to which they have corrected that problem. Which proves that you can correct it, if you want to.
    3 º-The car is made on the Skoda, and is not independent. To activate this mod, it is necessary to deactivate before any other.
    4º-When you stop accelerating, the engine makes a very unpleasant noise, totally unreal.

    • Germany583 says:

      You have to take gas off briefly and give it gas again , then it would have to switch to Automatic

      • edsor says:

        The problem is not that it does not switch to Automatic mode. The problem is that, once in auto mode, it doesn’t change up speed. I’ve tried doing everything, but there’s no way. If I could get into those damned files, I could try something, but being encrypted is impossible.

    • edsor says:

      By the way, the sound of the engine is the same of the Honda Civic Fb7. All the author does is change textures and add sounds from other cars.

  11. GenesisRO says:

    Where do I buy? What dealers?

  12. RE:FLEX says:

    When I try to drive the car the game crashes.
    In addition, the only color that works is white (can’t change the color of the car) and the first rims are black.
    How can I fix that?
    I am using 1.32 beta version.

    Thanks in advance 🙂

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