Sequential Turn Signal mod for Next gen Scania v2.15

[Google Translation]

1.Add Daytime Running Light [Blue,White,Orange]
2.Remake Eyebrows
3.Add Custom Headlights
4.Support for custom bumpers [Griffin DLC]
5.Change of blinker speed

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DOWNLOAD 3 MB [mirror]

10 thoughts on “Sequential Turn Signal mod for Next gen Scania v2.15

  1. Lars Kirsten

    Is there a way to make the blinker speed a bit slower

  2. HD Video Test 1.38

  3. arief samy

    the password??

  4. Password??+

  5. Hi whats the password

  6. Why is the RAR password protected? :O

  7. Edit: you don’t need PW. Of course you can unzip with 7zip but pointless. Just put the RAR file into the mods folder and ETS2 will see it wihtout any problem. However not working on 1.36 sadly. 🙁


    Please 1.40 update becouse this mod is nice! Please fix some bugs with light
    Thanks You!

  9. Please update to 1.40 thanks.

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