Serin Trailer


HD texture
DLC scandinavia


Turkish mod’S


8 thoughts on “Serin Trailer

  1. HenriqueSantos

    very good, thank’s for mod!

  2. Quent1_Fr

    This trailer gives damages to my truck when I turn

    1. Quent1_Fr

      Please fix this bug
      But it’s a very good mod

  3. Faelandaea

    Okay I am really not trolling here … I am honestly curious … that bottom picture with all those bags. How the heck do people get those bags to stay like that while strapping? I know people hauls stuff like that in real life in places like Brazil, but I honestly can;t find a good YouTube video of the actual loading/unloading of such a trailer. O.o

    Nice mod, BTW.

  4. solaris36

    Interference with cabins…
    Wrong or lost shadows…
    Incorrect traffic files…
    No lods and missing trailers wheels…
    Incorrect cargo names….
    Not standalone. Conflict with others flatbeds…
    Buffer insuficient gamelog warning…

    An awesome nod unfortunately bad finished.

    1. solaris36


  5. solaris36

    Can you give me permission to fix this problems?

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