Setra 519 HDH Bus 2017 V3 for ETS2

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Mod Description:
Setra 519 Bus Mod

You can find the car in the Mercedes benz gallery.

Features coming with v1
– The wiper blades were added.
-Compatible with Metallic DLC.
– New light mask added.
– Added new wheel cover with new wheel.
– Added 2 new skins.
– Added new physics.
– The new steering setra logo was added.
– New cockpit added.
– Added animation indicator.
– New Neon Added.
– New glass signage added.

Features coming with v3
-The windshield wipers were fixed.
-The light mask is fixed.
-The SETRA logo was added to the steering wheel.
-Sounds and shadows are smoothed.
-The plate was added.
-Setra rim cover added.

Mode Version: V3

Tested Game Version: 1.27
Adaptation: MadYogi
Model: Can SKMN
Editing and Parts: Yavuz Selim Mağdala
Rims: Yavuz Selim Mağdala
Producer: Comodore


Mod Açıklaması:
Setra 519 Otobüs Modu

Mercedes benz galerisinde aracı bulabilirsiniz.

v1 ile gelen özellikler
-Cama silecekler eklendi.
-Metallic DLC ile uyumludur.
-Yeni ışık maskesi eklendi.
-Yeni tekerlekli renkli jant kapak eklendi.
-Yeni 2 skin eklendi.
-Yeni fizik eklendi.
-Yeni direksiyona Setra logo eklendi.
-Yeni kokpit eklendi.
-Yeni animasyon göstergesi eklendi.
-Yeni Neon Eklendi.
-Yeni cam tabela eklendi.

v3 ile gelen özellikler
Cam silecekleri düzeltildi.
Işık maskesi düzeltildi.
Direksiyona SETRA logosu eklendi.
Sesler ve gölgeler düzeltildi.
Plaka eklendi.
Setra jant kapağı eklendi.
Mod Sürümü: V3
Test Edilen Oyun Sürümü: 1.27

Uyarlama: MadYogi
Model: Can SKMN
Düzenleme ve Parçalar: Yavuz Selim Mağdala
Jantlar: Yavuz Selim Mağdala
Yapımcı: Comodore

Can SKMN, Yavuz Selim Mağdala, Comodore


11 Responses to Setra 519 HDH Bus 2017 V3 for ETS2

  1. luap0110 says:

    Oh ! Thanks you very very much !
    Really good job 😉

  2. Saygin says:

    Great work !


  3. Mr.GermanTruck says:

    Test Video…

  4. PolishDriverTruck says:

    HD Video Test 1.27…

  5. feliane says:

    Your front wheels turn in the opposite direction of the steering wheel

  6. midhun says:

    It is asking for password during extraction
    What is the password?

  7. Wirrace says:

    Bon travail, seul défaut le bus capte les zones d’activation trop loin de l’avant du bus, donc difficile de prendre les péages

  8. nic0ch0c says:

    The colors of the windscreen are too bright..

  9. Obin31 says:

    The template, please ?

  10. Alin says:

    Make skin with Flixbus for this bus. Please !!!

  11. Ded Sec says:

    How to remove that flag from the back?

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