Setra TopClass 431DT Nikola Edit with passanger economy

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I present to your attention the fully reworked mod two-story German bus Setra TopClass 431DT with an integrated full-fledged passenger economy. This mod fully realizes in the game the ability to carry passengers and earn money without searching for and installing additional passenger mods.

Bus Setra TopClass 431DT:
– Standalone bus find in Mercedes-benz dealer;
– 1 6x4_2 chassis;
– 9 engines with real factory setting;
– 3 gearboxes with real factory setting;
– 1 TopClass interior;
– 5 real europian bus company skins + metallic paintable;
– full passanger economy;
– new own real physics;
– new realistic sound;
– new high resolution interior textures.

All useless files removed, definition pack reworked, all
obsolete atribute in files reworked, all tobj-files and many
textures reworked, dashboard computer reworked, fully new
sound. Mod worked without bugs and crashes! Clear log!

Attention!!! Mod has its own physics and passanger economy,
so all the physics and passanger mods should be disconnected
and removed from the mod manager in order to avoid conflicts!

Mod was tested on game version – & must
work in 1.28 path.

Please, do not repload my mod! Respect my work! I live in a war zone of Donbass and modding gives a small income.Please keep original link if you post it somewhere.

Thank you for understanding! Good game!

Reworking & adaptation: Nikola(Konstantin-Donbass) Authors: Comodore, Can SKMN


16 Responses to Setra TopClass 431DT Nikola Edit with passanger economy

  1. Roller says:

    Old mod! No game 1.28 !!!
    FAKE!!! No Downloads!

  2. Mr.GermanTruck says:

    Test Video on v1.28… work great

  3. allaoua says:

    i love this mode

  4. Remo says:

    It wont work on 1.28. Fix?

  5. ross gillies says:

    Crashes on 1.28 in Customisation.

    • Nikola(Konstantin-Donbass) says:

      It can not be with all that is written in the description of the mod. Spread the log, we’ll see.

  6. cheongdamdong moro says:

    cannot pick the passengers

  7. Kei says:

    hey Nikola, How about Peterbilt 377??


  8. TDRS_NL says:

    Crashes my game when i go to the dealership. The mod looks great though, too bad i can’t use it.

  9. Tomasz_Mr says:

    (entering Mercedes dealership) “We apologize… but the game will be closed” or sth like that 🙁

  10. chris says:

    crashes while in dealer

  11. Thorsten says:

    Doesn not work on 1.28 without any other mds. When you want to visit the mercedes dealer, game crashes.

  12. KindaOnLoose says:

    Nikola can you fix this truck?

  13. Nikola(Konstantin-Donbass) says:

    Guys, in the description of the mode it is clearly stated that the mod was tested on the version of the game On this bus on different maps I drove with passengers more than 10,000 km without any problems. What and why you do not work without a log file I can not say. As a rule, problems can be either because of the availability of physics mods, or because of the additionally installed cargo packages.

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