Signs For Truck

Mod allows you to add icons and stickers to the vehicle. Includes over 250 icons in different categories – country codes, speed limit warning, ecology and others.

– More than 250 different icons
– Only for standard tractors
– Test on version 1.27
– Compatibility with other mods not tested



10 thoughts on “Signs For Truck

  1. Why still not for RJL’s Scania? WHY…

  2. Because I need to get permission from the author.
    This same question was posed to me at Steam Workshop.

    1. kennifc1994

      plz make it work for RJL scania

    2. kennifc1994

      and get the permisson from him

  3. How to install this mod?

    1. Instructions on how to install and activate the mod in the game.
      [url=]How to install mods for ETS2[/url]

      1. this mod haven’t .scs file

        1. It is not necessary to have at the end of the file *.scs.
          My mod has at the end of the file *.zip.
          Do the same with the *.zip file.

  4. can work,thank you.
    forel, .zip change .scs

  5. It appears that selecting the Austrian flag results in displaying of the Russian flag. Rumour has it these are different countries.

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