Skin Pack


Skins for Scania, Volvo, MAN, Mercedes



6 thoughts on “Skin Pack

  1. very good! i like it !

  2. CaptainSlow

    Thank you

  3. Albatros500z

    Very good job , why not for Renault and Daf
    Tank for there skins.

  4. Hello … It looks very nice, but I could ask that the download link should be on mega or zippyshare?? I can not download it because I do not want a mod to create a million other registrations … Thank you in advance;-) Sincerely Mouse

  5. picakunda

    😀 😀 ###### 😀

  6. CaptainSlow

    Thank you guys.

    I haven´t done any renault or daf skin by now.
    But i will try it in the future.

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