Skin Pack Ferrari for Scania RS & T by RJL

Skin pack Ferrari for Scania RS & T by RJL. In the package there are two skins for both trucks. (the skins should be used separately.) Since the textures are the same, one truck and its skin, we want another, turn off the previous one, turn on the desired one.)
In the package there are salons, the instrument panel and the on-board computer are changed.
As there are tires which I did earlier and disks from Silver Griffin (cpasibo to the author).
There are also two DLC cabin accessoris modes.
Tires and DLC are included as desired.


DOWNLOAD 37 MB [Modsfire]
DOWNLOAD 37 MB [Sharemods]

One thought on “Skin Pack Ferrari for Scania RS & T by RJL

  1. mikehackenbacker

    these are excellent

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