Skin pack French motorways


I’m still a beginner create skins, so do not insult me ​​please!
It is mandatory to read the Read_Me.
Also, it is forbidden to modify the link. Thank you for your
In all, there are 9 skins, you can see that replaces what:
Posped ————-_ Vinci Autoroutes
Tradeaux ————_ ASF
Trameri ————-_ APRR
Stokes ————–_ SANEF / SAPN
Eurogoodies ———-_ Cofiroute
Transinet ———–_ GrandLyon / Coraly / Openly
Lkwlog ————–_ All motorway companies together (part 1)
EAcres ————–_ All motorway companies together (part 2) +
highways Radio

The skin also appears in IA vehicles.

Fred_be & Goldchass helped me solve some bugs that I had with my

Julien, Fred_be, Goldchass


One thought on “Skin pack French motorways

  1. gwadacaps06

    ton mod a l’air sympas je ne l’ai pas testé mais essaye de mettre des remorques cohérentes avec les livraison a faire et de même pour les entreprises par exemple ne met pas une livraison de voiture dans un chantier :p

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