Skin Pack Renault Range T Racing


Hello to all!! I publish today a pack of skin for the renault range (only model RTA !! )

It is composed of 4 skin racing

the instaler to replace the following files:

.. Renault Stas556 & Fire-Blade 4.3_Part_1vehicletruckupgradepaintjobskrinn2/ T

test version 1.19 x / 1.20 x



7 thoughts on “Skin Pack Renault Range T Racing

  1. simaozinho

    put the truck too

  2. simaozinho, you´ll need to buy the truck to get it or use the 1.16 beta version of the model (which won´t even work cause they have done some major changes to the model)

    1. Adamisch , the skin work with all versions of the truck 😉 so yes it work with 1.16 beta and version purchased

      1. rly?, well then he can go with the 1.16 one

        1. Yes it can go with version 1.16

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