Skin Pack Trailer ProfiLiner V1.0 (27 Skins)


Trailers are standalones
Tested in version 1.11.x

Trailer: Bora Huckepack
Converted by Matdom1988
skin Fred_be


20 thoughts on “Skin Pack Trailer ProfiLiner V1.0 (27 Skins)


    very nice this trailer skin pack compliments great job guys! 😉

  2. Thanks guys nice pack

  3. Thanks

  4. senad musliman

    Fantastic job once again. Keep up with good work. 🙂

  5. Super pack bravo

  6. Thanks guys! Fantastic job once again.

  7. In pictures you can see Ventyres wheels (I guess) but in game I have default wheels. Can I change them somehow?

  8. Great trailers but are the wheels to wide they stick

    1. Why is this video here?

  9. Thanks all
    Traian what are you doing ???

  10. Some errors on log?

  11. no error

  12. breizhdave

    hello works 1.10??

    1. I tried and it works

  13. i think

  14. is it just me or do the wheels look to wide it is a outstanding pack 10/10 but that has got to be problem

  15. 10/10 for the pack but the wheels are not right they stick out of the trailer

  16. ian broadbent

    Fred_be can you sort the wheels or is it just me

  17. breizhdave

    salut Fred
    tres joli pack mais il y a un probleme avec les roues.

    Peut-tu corriger?

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