Skin Peterbilt 389 Lone Star Hauler 2


Thanks dmitry68 and Stas556 for a truck and the template.



19 thoughts on “Skin Peterbilt 389 Lone Star Hauler 2

  1. rallisport

    Nice skin,very good.

  2. can You also make a few skins for peterbilt 379 … thanks

  3. I’m working on it. It will be soon. Cheers!

  4. can someone make the peterbilt 389 so that he can be played on a slow computer

  5. Like me, one for peterbilt 379 final please. thanks

  6. I’m sorry guys. I understand you completely, but nobody cares about that. I do not know how. I work on the skin for 379. Cheers.

  7. Skiner i got a wuestion for you friend i found my template for the 379 and 389 ok i create a skin and its dds file now do i need to change it to scs and if so i use ets studio what truck do i skin in studio i know afterbi need change files to daf or man or dont i need do that can i put my dds in a folder if so which would it be hope you can give me a clue as im used to skinning but this as me working overtime lol cheers my mate and keep up your good work if you cant say i can email you i have email if you like cheers ian

    1. camberman

      You said “Thanks dmitry68 and Stas556 for a truck and the Template”
      Ok but where you find them
      may be I don’t have the good truck

  8. phaps somone can build a bigger engien ect like 1000 hp

  9. skinner i know how to skin trucks i have that template what i want to know is if your using ets studio to create the scs file and if so what truck in ets studio are you applying the skin to? eg daf volvo scani ? then i need to open scs up and rename the files ? thats my question can you help please ian cheers i dont need a template

  10. My friend. Do not bother. Skins for Peterbilt 379 cuming. Probably tonight.

  11. Skiner your link for the template you say your using directs me and maybe others to the peterbilt 389 now you say you work on 379 so ok . Like ive said what template you using i dont wish to take anything away from you as your skins are good. I want to skin my truck and a truck for my friends son. So after a lot of frustration i find now im using wrong template from wrong truck and tryd everything i know like changing sii file folder etc and asked if you use ets studio and if so which truck you apply skin to etc before renaming files and still you wont say properly. I can do skins like ive said and i help people and do skin request if you ask me for help id help but why cant you just say properly what you use please if you dont want to help out then dont but please say you dont ok. Thanks skinner not being critical but wud at least appreciate some propef link to template not 389 for 379 thats ####

  12. I hope its not some close gaurded secret its just a simple ask for a template

  13. I already told you. template for 389 in the truck mode. And as a template for the 379 uses file. It is no secret at all. That’s all I have, like everyone else.

  14. Use Photoshop or GIMP 2.8, it is much easier to use. tu sam ako ti nesto treba.

  15. I’m here if you need anything.

  16. Thanks skinner but my skin i make do i leave it as dds or scs file and into what folder if is dds do i put it thanks skinner ps your skins id getting bettter keep it up amigo

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