Skoda Superb 2017 V2 1.39


– Fixed sound
– Reconfigured headlights
– Reconfigured engines (improved realism)
– Reconfigured transmission (improved realism)
– Reconfigured chassis (improved realism)
– Reconfigured animation timing & delay
– Addition of 7-speed DSG
– Addition of Front-Wheel-Drive (FWD) chassis
– New license plate
– Minor edits and fixes
– Removed unnecessary files


VakkoTeam, Nimit, LazKopuz, Wikipedia, Harven


8 thoughts on “Skoda Superb 2017 V2 1.39

  1. RealTrucker

    Please make a Toyota Celica 2003

  2. TruckerWolf

    The mod crashes permanently

  3. Hi, this is one of your best car mods by far ! Just a few little criticisms :
    – Lights do not have “flares”, it makes it harder for the player to see them. I’m not sure if this was intentional.
    – When headlights are on and you turn on blinkers, you cannot see blinkers at the front because of the headlight. I know this is because in real life, the blinker “replaces” the headlight. Can you fix this ?
    – Driver window tint is a little messed up on inside camera
    – “Outside camera” (2), the default view is very wide. Can you fix this ?
    – Windows do not roll up or down (but you can hear them)
    – Can you remove Indian license plate and replace with SCS ?
    – No parking brake sound

    1. Other than these, it is great ! 🙂

  4. Kaptan 52

    Beautiful on the outside but internal indicators (Dashboard) are not visible during the day and pink at night.

    Dışı Çok Güzel fakat iç göstergeler gündüz belli olmuyor ve geceleri de pembe renkli . eski sürümüyle arasında Fark Yok gibi .

  5. Hello,pls make a Skoda Kodiaq 2020,nice mod!

  6. Jakub_0973

    I can not see a skin:)

  7. alguien sabe donde se consige este coche?

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