Solaris Urbino 12 Traffic Buses

This is beta traffic for stream on version 1.32
Appears for frequent in Germany and Amsterdam
Test on 1.32 Steam version

Please respect the authorship link mod

Moddis75 and Blinke


6 thoughts on “Solaris Urbino 12 Traffic Buses

  1. Gabriel5996

    The mod does not exist
    this mod is supposedly sold as an AI Trailer Mod which is also not available

    I like the idea of the Solaris Urbino 12
    only it should be original pictures from the game

  2. can create it for driving

  3. these buses would be great for ETS2 as city_cars type. unfortunately Gabriel is right, this mod is not including any buses. not even the pictures are not definitely from ETS2

    1. Arthur Vince

      Screenshot taken from here: OMSI

  4. Arthur Vince

    Why do i see pictures from OMSI on a ETS2 mod page, This fake mod also doesnot work in ETS2..

  5. Fake mod!

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