Sound Mod Integration v5.1


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1. Compatible ETS2 All Version
2. Sound for all Trucks



8 thoughts on “Sound Mod Integration v5.1

  1. Engine sound unbearable !!!

    1. Nope !! it is a turbofan sound.

      If you think the turbofan sound is too loud,
      please edit volume: 0.1 or 0.2 or 0.3

      In interior.sii or In exterior.sii

      sound_data: .t
      name: “/sound/truck/integration/int/turbo_int.ogg”
      looped: true

      volume: 0.4

      And, Please listen to wear earphones.

  2. Sound for traffic AI ?

  3. Hayalet26

    Broken link.Please new upload link…

  4. unfortunately, not Recommendable

  5. Gerald Payne

    Great mod ; closest to actual turbo and exhaust sound that I have heard. My only negative is that when speed levels off sound returns to idle. If you are running at 1000 rpm sound should be constant at 1000 rpm.

  6. Real or fantasy sound?

    Have you ever been near a scania truck lately? since there engine or fan sounds like this at all. If you are looking for a realistic sound this isnt it.

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