Sound Scania R and RLJ Only V8


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Tested in V 1.20.X new Engine Brake and more….!!!

By Tincho!!!


12 Responses to Sound Scania R and RLJ Only V8

  1. Windu says:

    RJL is no RLJ. 🙂

  2. melios says:

    Where is the scs file?
    which file is for mod file?

  3. Serena says:

    Can you explain how the hell to use it, no scs file, no explanation whatsoever, thank you…

  4. Shaunus82 says:

    How the hell do you use this? Where do you put the files? Why is there no scs file?

  5. By tincho!!! says:


  6. serghei says:

    well loks ok but any chance to make one more realistik
    whit out that brake noise
    i would say it’s to much
    need just engine V8 sound
    king regards by chance

  7. Faelandaea says:

    Does this by chance work with the RJL? I do not have the RLJ mod, but am quite happy with the RJL mod and would rather use custom sounds with that instead 🙂

  8. Mario Noveno says:

    Very Nice

  9. Theosz says:

    TY for sharing

    I think is not working in v1.20. 1.19 was ok

  10. mario says:

    hey super v8 sound because you’ve done , there’s a way to for all Scania engines create sound mfg mario

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