Speed limiter 153 km/h


This mod is a little bit realistic. With this mod you can reach your truck speed 153 km/h, or 95 mp/h.
I tested on version – 1.16.x version, so may work on this versions. Enjoy! P.S Don’t write comments like ” it’s not a need for speed game” Yes, it’s not NFS, but if you don’t like this mod, don’t write silly comments…. Bye and enjoy!

Author: Jasperwork


6 Responses to Speed limiter 153 km/h

  1. Will says:

    I have a request: can you do a speed limiter around 120 km/h because when I use the game’s limiter it often gets up to 160 km/h and it’s too fast and I tip the trailer..

    • Hppns says:

      Also, can you crack the ai speed limiter? I’d like to race with the ai trucks as well

  2. Will says:

    Dude, look up Kilroy’s traffic pack I have it and the AI vehicles(including trucks) are going the same speed that I’m going even faster sometimes..

  3. Dragzta says:

    does not work with my version 1.16.2 :/ plz help me

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