SSSniperWolf Trailer

Tested on version 1.31.2



11 Responses to SSSniperWolf Trailer

  1. MickeyC811 says:

    stop being mean

    • JoachimK says:

      “stop being mean”

      Stop “skinning” , if you can call it so. 🙁
      You ever heard about merging Mods ?

  2. JoachimK says:

    Yes, you are right. Only Kiddy´s Design. Useless, all…

  3. MickeyC811 says:

    ok can someone tell me what i am doing wrong and how I can improve at doing this I watch youtube vids about how to mod trailers but they don’t seem to help much

    • papaghostPT says:

      first try to make skins related to some transport companies of some country that exist in real life this is a simulation game of trucks,I think your skins dont have nothing related with this game,Do you think someone will want to drive with a trailer with the SSSniperWolf skin? how old are you?I hope you understood

  4. ant perry says:

    what a load of rubbish

  5. kevuk29 says:

    lol Just why? cant stand this youtuber with her Fake voice and her annoying content….Im assuming the creator is one of her 11 year old fanboys that keep watching her trash and funding her and her fat weirdo boyfriend?

  6. MickeyC811 says:

    all of you are bully’s im done with uploading

  7. Steve says:

    This is a game, everyone’s allowed to make their own content which can be whatever they want. @MickeyC811 – little tip, don’t mind the bad people (trolls) that’s around the internet and in real life too. They are only jealous cause they can’t even create a skin XD or anything all they know is to whine.

  8. BigJhon says:

    No, seriously Steve, your comment is ironic? 😀
    I learned to skin in just a few hours, and I can tell you that I have prepared 10 trailers in less than a day for my group, and the quality is much more detailed and realistic! But when I see such a catastrophic work of Mickey, I tell myself that even with eyes closed, the real skinners could do 10 times better!
    If he is not able to take cognizance of constructive criticism, he rather looks for another site, for example one where children are not mocked by adults!
    We still have the right to give his opinion, it seems to me!
    And when the majority reports that his modding is bad, there is a reason! It’s certainly not out of jealousy!

    • Steve says:

      Well, that is a wise comment my friend. I just don’t like see people get bullied that’s all. About the skining, same for me, but I never upload it cause I do skins for my virtual company. But all in all this is a free mods site, you can’t expect everyone here to be a professional 😉

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