Standalone GLS Trailer


Standalone Trailer

Aurhor: Micha-BF3


8 thoughts on “Standalone GLS Trailer

  1. Please reupload another window

  2. i cant found it in game…why ???;(

  3. How do find it in game…? Please help.

    1. It’s added into the cargo rotation so there is a chance that it won’t show up straight away.

      Go for a sleep then check freight market again.

      It shouldn’t clash with other mods as its stand alone and the def files are fine, but if in doubt then add a load of zzzzz’s to the file name so that it loads last in your mod list.

  4. Melksnorr

    What is that loading the trailer thingy?

  5. Great work Micha, thanks for sharing .
    I play 1.8 with Russia Express Map with DLC and also 2 own trailor . It is running (working) well (y)
    Very hope that you relaese some more in the future 🙂

  6. why are the files called dhl and not gls?

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