Stax wheels for all trucks


Stax wheels for all trucks, mod edit by CroochaMT.
Work on:1.15



4 thoughts on “Stax wheels for all trucks

  1. Where can i get Scania STAX truck for 1.15.x ?????
    Can anyone make it or convert from old version to work on new 1.15

  2. Chassis reused with different wheel size setup: /vehicle/truck/volvo_fh16_2013/truck.pmd

    Front wheel sizes, old [0.512, 0.512, 0.512, 0.512] versus new [0.498, 0.498, 0.512, 0.512].

    Rear wheel sizes, old [0.512, 0.512] versus new [0.512, 0.512].

    and so on …

  3. evoayoub, please stop spamming!

  4. Gagahberhad

    i dont think this wheels is nice….

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