Suicide Squad Trailer

suicide-squad-trailer-1 suicide-squad-trailer-2

Suicide Squad Trailer Skin for the schmitz S.KO trailer Tz Express. Re-worked exclusively for ETS2studio by Matdom1988

Tested on 1.25 & all was fine. Standalone & has its own cargo
(20 tons of Pallet Goods)
(12 tons of comics)
(3 tons Empty Return)

please keep the original download link

hope you enjoy

Author: Novy313


6 thoughts on “Suicide Squad Trailer

  1. turboiron

    ######. I have nothing to paint?

    1. whats up ?

      1. turboiron

        I do not understand why the the trailer? Carries Suicide Squad?

        1. well thats your opinion. i was asked by a friend to make this trailer for the Film. this cargo list is stated above, just a little bit of advertising in game to its not just boring blank trailers or would you like me to add the characters as cargo tooo??? lol

  2. turboiron

    It seems to me that this is nonsense ….

    1. well its your opinion, just adds abit of colour but if its not to your taste, its very simple , dont download it.

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