Super long trailer v1.0

Hello everyone!
I made a super long trailer mod!
The length is unknown, but it’s very long!
I haven’t tried ver1.42 multiplayer!
Enjoy at your own risk!

Soruto VOLVO


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9 thoughts on “Super long trailer v1.0

  1. the chassis work but no body and tuning!

    1. SorutoVOLVO

      use for 3axle chassis and pallet box,double marker accessory.
      Other parts will be supported in the next update.
      Thank you for downloading.

  2. DigitalX

    I quite like this tbh. It’s a bit of silly fun.

  3. AvM Transport

    “Vehicle pulls out!”

  4. AvM Transport

    * 😀

  5. BlackDog

    Are you kidding, physically impossible, …

  6. Soruto VOLVO

    use for pallet box and dry van.

  7. make it a standalone trailer please errors with scs trailes

  8. When will the 2nd person come without a mistake bro?

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