Super Singles Wheels

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Adds 2 new super singles tires and 2 rim to any truck you can also add them to the trailer if you know how to edit def files of trailers
The line you need for the trailer is located in the readme file

Authors: ventures87, Danclark


8 thoughts on “Super Singles Wheels

  1. Ok, but can you explain what’s the point of using one single rubber? it’s about physics or only visual?

    1. David A King

      Many American companies and drivers are going to the single tire. I think it is because it is better in the long run. I will ask some people I know here in the US and let you know for sure.

    2. Ross Aldrich

      Excellent work!!

      Having run on Super Singles (Michelin X-One) with May Trucking for a while, the super single has advantages and disadvantages.. The big advantages are that you actually get a larger ground footprint than you do with duals, giving you more traction, and it has less rolling resistance giving you better fuel economy (not a lot, but every bit helps).. Having driven in the western states for most of the time I was with May, I spent a lot of time in the mountains during winter months, and these are FAR easier to chain up than running the normal three-rail chains.. and as one would expect, you are only buying 2 tires instead of 4 for each axle.. the down side to them is that if one blows out, you are dead in the water.. there is no limping the truck anywhere, and that can become a major issue depending on where in the US you are (losing a tire in the middle of Nevada or south east Oregon is not very fun, nor is it cheap.. the other, although by now (10 or so years later) probably not as bad, is finding the tires readily available, as they still have not even come close to scratching a dent in sales for the dual tires.. and finding replacement tire chains when yours break is also difficult at best… kind of subjective, but I thought them to be softer riding than duals, and much quieter, but others may have a different opinion…

      1. Spurred by Ross’s interesting comments: I’ve heard that with an industry move towards Super Singles replacement rim sales have increased. Blowouts sometimes take the rim with them. Singles rims should come with a roll-safe feature that protects the rim while stopping. Duals are superior in that regard and no wonder since that was their original purpose—to provide blowout protection back in the days when tires were inferior and prone to blowouts.

  2. Milnes transport

    Obviously you save on tyres that’s a plus and you also save on weight but when they blow you can’t keep going till the next tyre shop you have to stop and get it fixed but yeah the have more pros than cons

  3. Well, I know Optimus in AOE uses the single tire on the rear axles, I don’t know its advantage or disadvantage but it just looks great~~~~ : )

  4. Ross Aldrich

    after looking at these, I am still impressed by the modeling detail, however, they are impossible to skin name brands on the sidewalls, and the axle housing is also affected by the single texture.. is this intentional? the color in the wheels is way too dark, and the reflection value is way too high (reflects almost as much light as the paint job)… the color itself (if you just want proper coloring) should be about a 63,63,63 RGB value, but unfortunately this will also color the axle housings in that same dark grey, rather than the proper black (for the no cap version) I would have contacted you privately regarding this, but no contact information in the readme file.. it’s an excellent start, but should be improved on.. cheers!

    1. my email is [email protected]. i did not make those wheels
      i just converted them but i will make some that can be skinned when i have time and i like the reflects it matches my tanker that i made and the axle has two texture red and gray

      link to the old file

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