Survival Economy Mod (Promods Edition)


With the Survival Economy Mod you disappear from the financial Paradise of the main game and will head off directly into the hard forwarding market of real life.
It has become not only more difficult to retract money, but also to keep the own company on the market. There were not only the freight rates adjusted in this mod, but also any associated settings for an exciting gaming experience.
Changes in the List below….


[ ] = Free / Update DLC´s
[ * ] = Payware DLC´s

Supported and Required DLC’s:
[ * ] Scandinavia
[ * ] Going East!
[ * ] Cabin Accessories
[ * ] Wheel Tuning Pack
[ * ] National Window Flags
[ * ] Christmas Paint Jobs Pack
[ * ] Halloween Paint Jobs Pack
[ ] Rocket League
[ * ] Schwarzmüller Trailer Pack
[ * ] Ice Cold Paint Jobs Pack
[ ] Promods v.2.11 (

unsupported DLC’s (will come in the Future):
[ * ] Mighty Griffin Tuning Pack

Changes by this Mod:
– Game starts at 06:30 a.m. with 10,- ($Your currency$)
– Changed the fines (Value) for Traffic Violations
– All (Stock) Tuning & Cabins Parts available at Level 0
– You have to do up to 8 Quickjobs before the Bank gives you a loan
– Realistic Ferry Prices (Data were taken from Portal for Cargo Ferry Prices)
– The Bank Loans are reduced
– The profits for Jobs are reduced
– Some Truck Parts have a “Sale Function” (reduced Price – This is from truck to truck and from Tuningpart to Tuningpart different)
– Prices of all Truck parts are much more realistic
– Changed the Profit and Pays for own Drivers
…and much more

The Income per Contract will increase by with a longer Playtime…

Hope You will enjoy it… 😉

Author: Uni [Actros 1846] (Germany)


4 Responses to Survival Economy Mod (Promods Edition)

  1. amonrada says:

    thx much!!!

  2. amonrada says:

    i think you need fix driver salary real life 2000-3000e/kk and fuel cost/ km(real life 35-55l/100km) and repairs+ maintenance+insurance about 0.15-0.20e/km real life

  3. david says:

    es normal, que cada empleado que finaliza un trabajo me reste la ganancia en lugar de que se sume a mis ingresos empresariales?

  4. Kris says:

    is there plans to make this 1.27 compatable?

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