Sweet FX


Sweet FX for all game versions

Author: Axelrol


28 thoughts on “Sweet FX

  1. Link For actros please ? πŸ™‚

    1. I think this mod in private. I know that Axel makes that mod

  2. @dr_jaymz

    is this a preset or the program itself?

  3. SweetFX 1.4 (Boulotaur2024 version) + my own settings. Graphic mod what used on the screen – Lautus Graphics HD 5.0

    P.S. Truck private – no ask for download, please.

    1. @dr_jaymz

      dont worry, i dont like mercedes or this skin… cheers

      1. if do not wish share, is better do not show


    2. how to screenshot with sweetfx efect?

  4. Der Benz wΓ€re mir lieber =)

  5. The game is not even starts. I removed all mods.

    1. Have you tryed binaries from SweetFX_64 folder? They’re working good for me on Win8.1 x64

  6. How to install it?

  7. SlenderHUN

    Is the truck private?

    1. Yes . Unfortunately ):

      1. Mod claw you can protect yourself by you secure the archive with a password.

        thinking but off fit a good engine;)

        I hope gooogle translator has translated the course


        if you’re German, I can write it correctly.

  8. Hayalet26

    Terrific mod.v only 1 mb.
    Thanks Axelrol ..

  9. Truck pls <3

  10. So good or not?

  11. Not good…
    What version of the game Axelrol has, i don`t know, but is not the last because the game is not even starting from Steam.

    1. I was about to test it too, glad I’ve read your comment. πŸ˜€

    2. goth, what specs do you have in you PC?

  12. How to install ??

    By the way Thank You axelrol

  13. ETS2 1.12.1s + Going East
    Sweet FX is working without problems.

    1. Backup your ETS2 bin
    2. Before you copy the files into your bin start ETS2 and disable MLAA and Color Correction (go to video options)
    3. Copy all files into your ets 2 bin C:/program files (X86)/Steam/Steam Apps/Common/ETS2/bin/win_x86
    4. Open SweetFX_settings.txt in your bin and where it says define USE_CARTOON set to 0 and define USE_VIGNETTE set to 0.
    Scroll down to LumaSharpen settings this will fix blur and pixel clarity.
    #define sharp_strength set to 0.30
    #define sharp_clamp set to 0.035 which is ETS2 default.
    That’s all.

  14. Axelrol, when you show your trucks; you know you’re bound to get request for your trucks πŸ™‚

  15. Axerol can you please with truck its verry good πŸ™‚

  16. Faelandaea

    Okay forgive my ignorance, but what exactly does this mod even do? I have never heard of Sweet FX. I Google’d it and this came up:”


    So am I to understand this mod is a new shader for ETS2 using the engine at this link? if so, it looks awesome and I’ll give it a try, but the author may want to clarify in the description as not everyone has heard of everything on the internet πŸ™‚

  17. ExperimentalTrucker

    Hello. I’ve been seeing this Sweet FX mod for a while now. I’m still using the Brutal Environment HD + sound engine v8.1.

    Can Sweet FX be used with Brutal Environment HD without a problem or, the two of them have nothing to do with one another?

  18. How to screenshot?

  19. Gorkal1ty

    I would love if someone can answer me. Should we use HDR ON with this Sweet FX to get the result in that photo?

    Cause Im really thinking its turned OFF there to get some kind of more cold and real tones. What do you think? Im just searching for the most real setting. Thanks!

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