Symbol fix


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Symbol fix

This modification from authors of mwl4 and Kru129 replaces activation symbols on bases, gas stations, in shops… on a red dagger.
Color can be changed, the necessary texture is in the modelactivationtextures folder.

Works on all versions of ETS2 game !

mwl4 and Kru129


3 thoughts on “Symbol fix

  1. Nice, possible to do something about the trailer (parking) marker? Like make it smaller and less noticeable?

    Cause it is sometimes i want to take a pic of the trailer detached or something, but that marker kinda ruins the shot…

    1. Deltatristar500

      Yes, I would love to see something for the trailers also instead of a giant white arrow floating on top. Some thing on the ground that does not stand out so much

  2. Drive Safely

    There is also a sewer mod if you’re looking for something more subtle

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