Syria Trailer


This is my first ets2 mod ever
I love my country so I made this trailer
is Standalone
no AI traffic
tested on version

Do not reupload without my permission
Share but keep original download link

Author: Salah


20 thoughts on “Syria Trailer

  1. BayKediTR


  2. Ekrem abi

    o dorseyide çalmışsınızdır, yan kesici pislik yüzsüz orosbu çocukları. kesin skini yaptığın pc’yide çalmışsındır sen.

  3. Quent1_Fr


    1. Allahuuuuuuuuuu At Bar

      1. Allahu Snackbar

  4. Erdoğan+piçi+İslamcılık.

  5. Good luck and prosperity to the Syrian people!

    1. Thanks

  6. Класс

  7. hahaha cowards

  8. scaniadriver

    same from here
    take care down there and never give up

  9. #### AL ASSAD #### KHOMAYNE

    Please, delet this mod its ####### #### because the son of a ##### al assad is on it.

  10. If you are against AlAssad dont download it bitches
    keep your opinion to yourself
    I wish to make peace instead of cursing I made this trailer for Syria
    If you wait I will make one for your freedom and ISIS ??

    1. F.uck Bashar ayre fik

      Yes Plese make on of isis its better then ####### al assad

    2. Do not pay attention to the negative. I think the Syrian President is a courageous, decent man, a real patriot of his country.

      1. Mr.Maks I support what you said but some people dont want to recognize that and accept the reality…..
        Thanks for your pretty comments

        1. Thank you too! Greetings to You from Russia.

  11. Very interesting, the half of the nation is fleeing, and he makes a pro-syria trailer. A good contribution.

    1. Thanks bro

  12. GN10Gaming

    Cool trailer, work nicely! But rarely see it in my job listing

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