Tandem Chassis for MAN TGX Euro 6 [1.34.x]

It’s a chassis made to work with full trailers (primarily, but also work with middle axle trailers)

3 types of bodies – Dry van, Insulated, Reefer.
Fuel tank capacity 800 liters.
Ad-blue tank size doubled.
Air tank size doubled to help frequent braking in reversing full trailers.
Tuning accessory options.
Trailer cables.
Advanced trailer coupling.

100% compatible with my Functional Full Trailers mod.
Should be compatible with other full trailer mods and mid-axle trailer mods, but may have issues especially on coupling.
95% compatible with NTM semi/full-trailers[Tested].
You MUST use free camera mode to attach the trailer since coupling doesn’t work.
Full power is possible when using NTM’s full trailers. No skid found in tests.
Trailer cables work well.
90% compatible with Devil BDF Tandem Truck Pack[Tested].
You MUST use free camera mode to attach the trailer since coupling doesn’t work.
However, coupling can be skipped when you use Trailer Manager to attach in garage where your trailer is stored.
You should lower your speed to avoid any skid. Possible skid was found during tests.
Trailer cables work but the models have overlap.

Note: skins are not included but I will provide UV templates.



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  1. TheGreenlightTrucker

    Look’s very bad.

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