Tanzania Buses Skins for Marcopolo g7

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This mod adds Tanzania Buses Skins to Marcopolo Paradiso G7 1600 by ModShop

Works on version 1.27, 1.28 and 1.30

Elias Charlz Marco


7 Responses to Tanzania Buses Skins for Marcopolo g7

  1. Denis says:

    Full HD Complete test video-https://goo.gl/jdfEpD

  2. Str4ng3r_FN5 says:

    When I insert this mod the sound of all trucks has been muted. Fix this!

  3. tum says:

    the issue with the sound,also the bus came up with the trailer until you deattach and becoz you deatach it fail to park hence no new rout… so far nice work jamaa

  4. José says:

    Please help-me Mercedes-Benz Travego v4.5 passenger terminal problema 🙁 is not working! I love Mercedes-Benz travego v4.5 please!

  5. Ramiro Duarte says:

    What is the password for the .dds files?

  6. Amit singh says:


  7. Alin says:

    Your mod does not show in my game!

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