Temsa Safir II V1.41.X – V1.42.X

✅ Compatible with Euro Truck Simulator 2 (1.40 – 1.41 – 1.42) version.
✅ High Model Quality
✅ Real Interior Available.
✅ Realistic Engine and Transmission Values.
✅ Real Engine Sound Available.
✅ Real 3 Retarder Sounds Are Available.
✅ Animated Mat is Available.
✅ 6 Cabin Lights Are Available.
✅ There are 4 mirrors available.
✅ There are 2 Steering Wheels.
✅ 3 Pieces of Blinds Are Available.
✅ 3 Seats Available.
✅ Unit Console Available.
✅ Piece Ceiling Available.
✅ Pieces of Curtains are Available.
✅ Pieces of Parquet Available.
✅ Pieces Front Logo Available.
✅ Pieces Side Logo Available.
✅ Pieces of Side Paint are Available.
✅ 3 Ceiling Paints Are Available.
✅ Slotted Drawbar Available.
✅ Slot step light is available.
✅ Slotted Rear Chrome Lath is Available.
✅ Slotted Side Chrome Lath is Available.
✅ Slot Passenger Available.
✅ Slotted Front Sunshade is Available.
✅ Slotted Side Sunshade Available.
✅ Skin Support is Available.
✅ Template Available.
✅ Customizable Plate Available.
✅ Animated Air Conditioning is available.
✅ Own Alcoa Wheel and Tire Available.

EC ModsTR, İsmail Arslan, Emin Doğuş Güraksın, Kskli1453, Yağız Bakırcı, Trzpro, Yusuf Ziya Kencebay – Furkan Kısacık – Ömer Şakır


5 thoughts on “Temsa Safir II V1.41.X – V1.42.X

  1. Tebrikler kardeşim bu modu nasıl yaptın 🙂

  2. thanks for this download.
    but how to open and close the doors?
    I pushed the button “right window open/close” but nothing happen..

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