The Dutch Map

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The Dutch Map replaces the Current Map into a Dutch Map with Dutch cities:

Dutch Cities:
– Maastricht
– Heerlen
– Venlo
– Eindhoven
– Breda
– Tilburg
– Hertogenbosch
– Nijmegen
– Ede
– Harderwijk
– Apeldoorn
– Arnhem
– Enschede
– Sint Isidorushoeve
– Hengelo
– Almelo
– Zwolle
– Emmen
– Hoogeveen
– Heerenveen
– Leeuwarden
– Groningen

Authors: Wessel, Mike, Guus, Sven, FLD, Maurice, Maarten, Nico, nportegies


66 thoughts on “The Dutch Map

  1. 013stijn013

    I was waiting for a mod like this.
    Thanks for this.

  2. daf xf e6

    version of the game for the map is this?

    1. TheMitchHD


  3. GhostRunner

    Compatibility ????

  4. eindelijk een nederlandse map hoop dat hij werkt op nieuwste versie.
    dan komt donatie eraan

  5. szetland1971

    Huidige versie van The Dutch Map: v1 Alpha edition
    Volgende versie: v1 Beta edition
    Onze eerste release vindt plaats op 30 juli 2014, waarin het oosten van Nederland komt. Later zal het westen van Nederland er ook bij komen vanaf 30 juli kan je het oosten al eens verkennen.

    1. map werkt gedeeltelijk als je
      rit amsterdam /harderwijk neemtgeeft hij aan 598 km,da’s toch een klein foutje, map geeft aan richting
      engeland dan ga hem verder proberen op 1.11

      1. Selecteer bij het aanmaken van een nieuw profiel spelmodule nederland.mbd!!!!

        1. hoi allemaal ik probeer het maar ik krijg het niet voor mekaar kunnen jullie voor mij uitleggen hoe ik die map naar euro trucksimulator 2 in kan zetten

          gr erik

  6. Brother [GER]

    Video ???

  7. Compatible with promods?

  8. Dalnobojschik

    Game Version???

  9. Leeuwarden e.d komt in Deel 2?

  10. is it really so hard to write for which version!??!??!?!
    1.10 or 1.11 or even 1.9????

    1. It is said on their website, only in Dutch though.
      The required version is 1.11.

  11. Sadly it crashes when you browse on the garage/job map.
    Whenever the arrow hits like ”the middle” of the white part, it gives an error.
    Fix this please.

  12. More Info on Dutch Map- Maria

    More information on the map here, including compatibility.

    Join for Free:

  13. als ik het spel start loopt het vast en als ik de mod er uit haal en het sel opstart doet het spel het wel

  14. This is for v.1.11, however there are no new cities. Or I did not see any.

  15. Mercedes Fahrer

    I can´t download. Please fix the link.

  16. Job well done I congratulate you and your team for the hard work and through review of the map design. The map performs on 1.11 without a hitch. there have been a couple of road glitches but with no road number referances to give locations it would be hard to find them. The delivery locations and scenery original design is excellent. NOTE: users be sure to use the correct MBD for the map also.
    This map has great potential for more extensive city locations to be added and shall await the improvements. I have used a lot of different maps and this is a 10 out of 10 stars ********** for quality, originality and through design reviews. This map is a ***must*** have for all ets2 fans !! job well done.

    1. Hello, I’m the maker of The Dutch Map, Thank you for you positive feedback! It’s right. In the future I will add more cities so people, if you like the Netherlands, follow us on Facebook

  17. well, maybe do not crash on v1.11 XD

    I tried to see if work on v1.10.1.19s: C R A S H

    CrashS selecting both europe/netherland.mbd when clicking [Create] :-\

    whether to v1.11, why so many messages appear indicating obsolete properties already in 1.9x? and fit game.log.txt of old since v1.9x errors and warnings

    Model in old format detected ‘/model/skybox/skybox.pmg’, please upgrade format to improve load performance!
    Ignoring obsolete attribute ‘speed’ of unit ‘traffic.polize7’ (of type ‘traffic_vehicle’).
    Ignoring obsolete attribute ‘speed’ of unit ‘traffic.sprinter_oms’ (of type ‘traffic_vehicle’).
    Ignoring obsolete attribute ‘ai_road_offset’ of unit ‘road.look0’ (of type ‘road_look’).
    Ignoring obsolete attribute ‘actor_lane_count’ of unit ‘road.look0’ (of type ‘road_look’).
    Ignoring obsolete attribute ‘ai_road_offset’ of unit ‘road.look80’ (of type ‘road_look’).
    Ignoring obsolete attribute ‘actor_lane_count’ of unit ‘road.look80’ (of type ‘road_look’).
    [traffic] Converting obsolete attributes ‘ai_lane_count’ and ‘one_way’. Please use only ‘lane_count_left’ and ‘lane_count_right’ instead (Road 2 double 1)
    [traffic] Converting obsolete attributes ‘ai_lane_count’ and ‘one_way’. Please use only ‘lane_count_left’ and ‘lane_count_right’ instead (Road 2 single 1)
    Ignoring obsolete attribute ‘ai_road_offset’ of unit ‘road.look29old’ (of type ‘road_look’).
    Ignoring obsolete attribute ‘actor_lane_count’ of unit ‘road.look29old’ (of type ‘road_look’).
    [traffic] Converting obsolete attributes ‘ai_lane_count’ and ‘one_way’. Please use only ‘lane_count_left’ and ‘lane_count_right’ instead (City 2a 2m 1)
    Loading terrain data ….
    Loading railing data ….
    Loading building data ….
    Loading model data ….
    Loading prefab data ….
    [prefab desc] Converting prefab descriptor ‘/prefab/roadwork/1a_fork_mirror.ppd’ version 21 to current version (20)
    [prefab desc] Could not convert prefab descriptor ‘/prefab/roadwork/1a_fork_mirror.ppd’

    This CauseS LAGs!!

    1. ooops.

      My short setup:
      a) Win7 x64
      1) ETS 2 v1.10.1.19s
      2) DLC Going East!, Metallic Paint Jobs, Flip Paint Jobs

    2. Version 1.11 is requiered!

  18. i need permission to download it

  19. Cooooooool MAP Nice Nice Nice!!!

  20. tyrannix2342

    Bergambacht,Gouda Den Haag, Schoonhoven, Zoetermeer,Barlo,Almere,Oss,Kaatsheuvel when????

  21. trucker richy

    Sorry but all that work just for 1 country??….Why not include it within the rest of the map instead of making JUST Holland. Pointless map. Sorry but I will NOT be downloading it.

    Trucker Richy

    1. Faelandaea

      You have no recollection at all of scaling, me thinks. Forgive my poor wording, but I will do my best to explain . . .

      The authors of this and other maps, such as the Hungary Map, are making the map on a more real scale – meaning distances, land, etc are more scaled to real life. As such, those scales can NOT be integrated with default Europe or with any other map that is not that scale.

      I believe the Hungary map is 1:3. The default Europe map in game is 1:19, as with TSM and Promods – all 1:19. I am not sure what the scale of this one is, but I drove it for a while and it is definitely a lot more scaled than 1:19, so it cannot go with the default map.

      Please do your research on scaling, and research what a map is about before calling it ######. We are VERy fortunate that these modders are giving us anything at all – and for free.

      This map is excellent – not pointless – not ######. It’s just a different scale is all.

    2. abangaaron

      Sorry but uh holland is not the name of our country.
      its netherlands ( nl )

  22. Faelandaea

    Works beautifully. I have been trying to learn map editing for just this purpose – making Netherlands. Glad to see someone’s already doing it. I drove 3 routes today on this map and enjoyed every moment.

  23. Eèn vraag jongens, is het real distance rijden zoals in de Hungary-map?? In dat gevall ben ik bij ook al ben ik een belg LOOOL en zal ik emt PLEZIER de Hollandse wegen afjakkere?

  24. GewoonVirgil

    Beter could not go dowload a fockt up map dont dowload i mean owly norht is in the map texteur grapichs bad an i have a ultra gaming pc from 1300 bux and i dont think thats is my pc giving the fould

  25. Als ik van Apeldoorn naar Ede rij en de snelweg af ga kan ik niet meer verder terwijl hij wel aan geeft dat ik die kant op moet dus moet ik eerst weer omkeren snelweg op en aan de andere kant er weer af dan gaat het wel goed en als ik dan door rij komen er ineens auto’s op mij af kunnen jullie dat fixen

  26. Faelandaea

    I do want to add something real quick, just as a forewarning to folks looking at local hauls. This map physically has the look, feel and scale of driving locally in the Netherlands. It has great potential and the feel of reaching the same heights of the Hungary map. However the TIME scale is waaaaaaaay fast. Do not expect to get from town to town without a full day passing by (unless you are speeding, of course). This makes it really hard if you needed to take a bank loan out for upgrades or a new truck. This also seems to take away from the time a player can put in to get levels and money, making it way too easy to get both XP and cash, when even on a default scale XP and cash is practically shoved in your face anyway – this map triples, if not quadruples that. With the time scale, this map is pretty much god mode for money and xp.

    I have now driven to each city once hauling loads, and quickly shot from level 0 to level 10 in a matter of 2 hours, casual driving and following all speed limits and traffic laws (and even stopping for the bicyclists).

    If you are looking for the Netherlands specifically, this map is for you. If you are looking for a map that pretty much has cheat codes built in for XP and money, this map is for you. However if you want a challenge to economy and to have drive times actually feel like you are in the Netherlands, we may have some waiting to do or possibly to just move on.

    I plan to stick with this map, but I am hoping that the authors will reconsider scaling the map to a more realistic level, as I do not feel that we as players need any “boosts” in money/XP by cheating the scaling. I also hate driving ETS2 at night, as I like to actually see the scenery I am driving through, and as I said before you cannot make it between cities entirely during daytime, and if you stop to rest your load WILL be late.

    This may sound like I am complaining a lot, but on an overall scale I still love this map. The Netherlands holds a special place in my heart and I will be moving there someday, and despite the time/scale issue, I plan to make this my main map for ETS2. I just wanted to post this short review so that other people are not caught off guard by the rapid day/night transitions and the insanely fast clock on this map.

    Thanks to the authors and keep up the good work!

  27. Muhammad Zeshan

    why no traffic after applying this map ? there is no traffic on roads i dont know why?

  28. No traffic in this map what to do? author? i thnk this map is free of traffic

    1. james bakker

      Lovely emergency traffic ( dutch- police ,ambulance and firetruck )combined with loads of jazzycat traffic mods.
      No problem here, check your mods for conflicts.

      Nice map with realistic environment and buildings.

      @ Wessel ; Mooie kaart,bedankt hiervoor.

      vooral doorgaan. Succs

    2. Faelandaea

      Same as james above – I see the included emergency cars just fine, and mine is also loaded with Jazzy’s AI packs (except military, because I don’t think there is any military in Netherlands). Now granted I never tried the map with just default stuff. On every map I install Jazzy’s AI packs are ticked right from the start 🙂

  29. TheMaciek

    After the application of the map I noticed interesting changes in graphics.Which is used for the graphics mod?

  30. eliaknuj601

    Am I the only one who has the problem with the lights? The graphics are very different from the vanilla version, but the lights are almost useless. It’s even worst if you have roof lights. It doesn’t make any changes compared to without it, and can’t see anything when you’re in full beam. This map is great (next to Promods), but the light glitch ruins it. I tried to play it without any other mods but it was the same.

  31. Kasper DK

    I cant download it from, Someone with another link? like Mediafire or ?

  32. Kasper DK

    I cant download it from, Someone with another link? like Mediafire or ?

  33. TheMaciek

    Which is used graphic mod?

  34. xX_BLACK0FACE_Xx

    hey! look this is a real good map (in video) and i want to download it but in MEGA the files go to 99% and dont download. The problem cannot be my Internet because my internet is connectet via cable and its a good internet. So try to put another link like Mediafire or something like that. I really want this map.

    Answer me please, Thanks

  35. xX_BLACK0FACE_Xx

    Hey!! Look i have a problem. Your link to the page where i download the map is good, but after that i click in Download and go to MEGA,and start the download (nothing wrong about it). But the file go to 99% and stops. Dont download. So the problem cant be my connection to internet, because i have a real good internet ad is connected via cable, so maybe the problem is from MEGA. Can you put another download link like mediafire, or something like that? I really want your map. So pls change the download link to anothher one.

    (Sorry for my English)

    Please answer me, Thanks

  36. xX_BLACK0FACE_Xx

    Hey! I have a problem with your download link ( MEGA ). i start the download and goes to 99% and then stops. I really want this map so please change the download link to Mediafire or something like that. I really want this map.

    Please answer me, and Thanks
    (sorry for my English)

  37. szetland1971

    dijon – apeldorn – rename (bad) – see map
    the same place – another name

  38. szetland1971

    duisburg – hoogeveen – rename (bad) – see map
    the same place – another name

  39. szetland1971

    Duisburg (Germany) – Hoogeveen (Netherlands)
    Route: 130.69 Miles

    Dijon (France) – Apeldoorn (Netherlands)
    Route: 342.2 Miles

  40. is there an other downloadlink because Mega isn’t working with me

  41. abangaaron

    Cool map! i hope i can download it and get in ets2 😀
    ( Coole map! ik hoop dat ik het kan downloaden en in ets2 kan krijgen :D)

  42. abangaaron

    Our land ( country ) name is nl ( Netherlands ) not Holland

  43. abangaaron

    Kan iemand me vertellen hoe ik de map in de game zet?
    ( Can anyone tell me how i set the map in my game? )

  44. trucker-bob

    NICE! Attach this in the ETS2 map, To expand the ETS2 map!

  45. Trucker_Bob

    komt steden en wat dorpen in de Provincie Utrecht er ook? A12 richting Arhem , etc

  46. sammieboy0003

    hoe kan ik het downloaden? ik kom op een of andere site voor poezen?

  47. I lived in the netherlands for 12 years and now i live in the UK for 9 years so i loved this map and i did not forget the Dutch language
    ik kan heel goed nederlands nog praten
    heele goede map bedankt for het make van deze map

  48. I would like to be the part of group exactly where I can get guidance from all other experienced persons that will share exactly the same interest. In case you have any tips, please let me recognize. Thank you.

  49. What’s up, everything is going fine here and ofcourse every one is sharing facts, that’s genuinely fine, keep up writing.

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