Timber TGX Truck with Trailer

Timber-Truck-TGX-with-Trailer-1 Timber-Truck-TGX-with-Trailer-2 Timber-Truck-TGX-with-Trailer-3 Timber-Truck-TGX-with-Trailer-4

MAN Truck with Trailer

Author: PATRAS


13 Responses to Timber TGX Truck with Trailer

  1. Msrihardi says:

    Need to try the dolly trailer, btw nice work..

  2. kentas says:

    Nice:0 senai lauktas:D

  3. BartvHam says:

    I think the dolly does nut turn

  4. Msrihardi says:

    it’s a weird to turn because the dolly didn’t turn as real dolly trailer -_-

  5. elyxir says:

    the name Author is PATRASC from Romanian
    the best truck

  6. Mlody 11 says:

    triler trun or not ?

  7. Flemmen says:


    Don’t install, trailer NOT turning!!!

  8. Joey Boerenkamp says:

    Very nice mod. But there are some issues. The trailer isn’t a dolly, this looks weird. Also there isn’t a shadow of the truck in the mirrors, the AI trucks have the same trailer, this looks weird, and the truck doesn’t have enough power, even with the most powerfull engine installed. Please update the mod and use these tips.


    Joey Boerenkamp

  9. Peter23 says:

    This is what ETS2 need!
    I don`t try this mod,but as I know SCS physics don`t support two pivot trailer so dolly don`t work because game engine don`t support it.

  10. razy28 says:

    how i can install this mod ?

  11. xaxa says:

    Why am I throw from the game?

  12. Moonzee says:

    New link?

  13. TH says:

    v1.16.2 work?

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